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What file types can I upload to di-image?
di-image supports several image formats such as EPS, JPEG, BMP and Tiff. Other file formats are available upon request.

Is it possible to convert images to another colourspace?

Yes, di-image has the ability to convert the original uploaded image to other colours such as RGB, CMYK and Greyscale. You can also choose different fileformats and sizes.


How do I manage multiple images?

di-image enables you to create as many main and subcategories as you wish. You can move images between categories and can also be given the ability to delete.


How can I make sure I always download the most recent version of my image?

When uploading a new image or replacing an existing image the system automatically compares the file size and the date with any existing picture in the library and will then generate an updated preview/thumbnail.  


Do you support multiple access levels?

Yes. Super users can be granted special access levels on the system allowing them to upload/download, delete, move and create new categories in the library.


I have got 3 CD's with images - is there an easy way to put them on di-image?

When running your own di-image server you have the ability to copy all the images directly on the system. The software will then automatically generate all the thumbnails.